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Ms. Chieffi Grade 6 Math                 Ms. Chieffi Grade 7 Math         Mrs. Simpson Grade 8 math          

Mrs. Kramer Grade 6 Science        Mrs. Kramer Grade 7 Science        Mrs. Kramer Grade 8 Science

Mrs. Steinkamp Grade 6 ELA          Mrs. Steinkamp Grade 7 ELA            Mr. Timmons Grade 8 ELA

Mrs. Golla Grade 6 History                Mrs. Golla Grade 7 History            Mrs. Golla Grade 8 History

Weekly Assignments for Aug 31 - Sept. 4, 2015

posted Aug 30, 2015, 3:51 PM by Betsey Lampignano   [ updated Aug 31, 2015, 7:00 AM by CASC info ]

6th grade7th grade8th grade
Unit 1 Lesson 9 Translating Mixed OperationsUnit 1 lesson 10 Core Focus: Interpreting ExpressionsStudents should complete the Unit Review/ Test before the weekend. 
Unit 1 Lesson 10 Problem - Solving StrategiesUnit 1 lesson 11 Unit Review1.14 Review for some students’ Friday lessons, 
Unit 1 lesson 12 and 13 Unit review and core reviewUnit 1 Lesson 12 Unit Test1.15 Unit Test for others. 
Unit 1 lesson 14 Unit CheckpointUnit 1 Lesson 13 Extended Problems ReasoningThey also should currently be at 5%
Unit 1 Lesson 15 Extended Reasoning Problems
History / Social StudiesHistory / Social StudiesHistory / Social Studies
2 - 3  Cave Paintings: What Do We Know About Lascaux?2.3.2 Genius in Florence Part 22.1  Describing Location
2 -4 From Nomad to Farmer2.3.3  Genius in Florence Part 32.2  The Geographic Regions of South Carolina
2 - 5 Leaping Forward2.4.1  Rome Revived Part 12.3  South Carolina's Rivers and Lakes
2 - 6 Unit Review2.4.2  Rome Revived Part 22.4  The Climate of South Carolina
 3 - 1  How Do We Know?2.4.3  Rome Revived Part 32.5  South Carolina's Plant Life
Students should have unit 1 Lesson 9 Complete by Friday. They should be at 5% in their course currentlyUnit 1 MATTER: Lessons 6-8  Unit 1 PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Lessons 6-8
6: Molecules 6: Working with Model Problems 
7: Properties of Matter 7: Model Problems
8: States of Matter 8: Unit Review
Intermediate Language Skills A: GUM--3.1. Action Verbs and Helping VerbsGUM- 2.2 Indirect ObjectComposition- 1.6 Revising a Memoir
Intermediate Language Skills A: Vocabulary--1.9. (Optional) Your ChoiceComposition- 1.5 Writing and Revising an EssayGUM- 2.3 Review
Intermediate Literature A--3.2. "The Black Snake" and "A Narrow Fellow..."Literature- 2.12 Unit AssessmentLiterature- 2.6 “The Creation”
Intermediate Language Skills A: Composition--1.4. Writing a ParagraphVocabulary- 1.7 Motion ReviewVocabulary- 1.7 The Person : Review
Study Island Blue Ribbon Diagnostic Assessment (1)

Assignments for the Week of August 24th - 28th, 2015

posted Aug 24, 2015, 9:24 AM by Betsey Lampignano   [ updated Aug 26, 2015, 5:29 AM by CASC info ]

Week of August 24 – 28, 2015


Students should complete the following:

6th  - grade 

Thinking Geographically

Your Choice

Unit Assessment

How Long is Long?

PreHistory: Hunter Gatherers and Cave Dwellers

 7th- grade

Europe Reborn: Rediscovering Greece and Rome Part 3

Cities Spur Change Part 1

Cities Spur Change Part 2

Cities Spur Change Part 3

Genius in Florence Part 1

 8th- grade

South Carolina's Role in the United States and the World

Festivals in South Carolina

Your Choice

Unit Review

Unit Assessment



6th grade

OLS shows “ON TRACK” as completing  lesson 1.6 by Friday.

My scheduled sessions are

Monday 9-10: “Science Class Expectations” and

Wednesday 9-10: “Setting up your science notebook”


7th grade          Unit 1 MATTER: Lessons 3-5 

3: (Optional) Your Choice




4: Elements and the Periodic Table




5: Design of the Periodic Table









8th grade

Unit 1 PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Lessons 3-5

3: Measurement and the International System




4: Lab: Measured Steps




5: Lab: Density




6th grade by Friday complete

Intermediate Literature A--2.6. "Kaddo's Wall"
Intermediate Language Skills A: Vocabulary--1.5. Numbers 2B

Intermediate Language Skills A: Composition--1.3. Paragraph Conventions

Intermediate Language Skills A: GUM--2.3. Other Pronouns

7th grade ELA should be at the following lessons:

Intermediate Language Skills B: GUM-1.5 Review

Intermediate Language Skills B: Vocabulary-1.4 Motion 2A

Intermediate Language Skills B: Composition 1.3 Essay Conventions

Intermediate Language Skills B: 2.6 “Sympathy”


8th Grade should be on the following lessons:

LAC Composition-1.3  Planning a Memoir

LAC GUM- 2.1 Direct Objects/Indirect Objects

LAC Literature: 2.1 “Lochinvar”

LAC Vocabulary: 1.4 The Person 2A

There will be Class Connect Sessions on Wed:

Intermediate Language Skills B 9-10 AM




6th grade complete these lessons this week

1: Lesson 5

Number Properties

1: Lesson 6

Core Focus: Distributive Property Factoring

1: Lesson 7

(Optional) Your Choice

1: Lesson 8

Translating Between Words and Math

1: Lesson 9

Translating Mixed Operations


7th grade complete these lessons this week


5: Writing Expressions for Word Phrases

6: Related Equations

7: (Optional) Your Choice

8: Solving Problems

9: Core Focus: Word Problems


8th grade students who are “ON TRACK” as completing lesson 1.9 by Friday logout time. My scheduled sessions are

Tuesday 11-12: “Math Class Expectations” and

Thursday 11-12: “Properties and Manipulating Numbers”

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