Affordable Internet Services

CASC provides a Stipend to families in need based on income information provided annually with enrollment or reregistration. This Stipend is $10 per month enrolled and is sent after the end of the semester. This is automatically sent to families that qualify. If you have questions about the internet stipend, please email Mallory White at

The programs described below offer ways that a family can fully cover their internet costs during the school year by utilizing the stipend and one of the low-cost internet programs below.


Internet Essentials has partnered with Comcast to provide Internet Service at a reduced cost for those families who meets all of the following guidelines:

  1. Be located where Comcast offers Internet service
  2. Have at least one child eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program
  3. Have not subscribed to Comcast Internet within the last 90 days
  4. Does not have an outstanding Comcast debt that is under one (1) year old

How to Apply:

  1. Apply online at or call 1-855-8-INTERNET (1-855-846-8376) to request an application.
  2. You can complete your application online, or we will mail or email you an application. Complete and return it, along with supporting eligibility documents, such as proof of enrollment in NSLP from your child's school.
  3. We will notify you by mail about the status of your application after 7-10 days and send you everything you need to get set up.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast is Internet Essentials service?

Internet Essentials provides home Internet service with download speeds of up to 5 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 1 Mbps.

  • How long can an Internet Essentials customer continue to receive reduced-price Internet service through the program?

Once enrolled, Internet Essentials participants will be able to continue receiving Internet service for $9.95 a month plus tax as long as at least one child in their household continues to be eligible to participate in the National School Lunch Program and they do not:

    • Close their Comcast account
    • Violate Comcast's Customer Agreement for Residential Services
  • What is covered by the $9.95 + tax monthly charge?

Internet Essentials makes the Internet more affordable, and for $9.95 + tax per month you can enjoy all of the benefits of our 5 Mbps Internet Essentials service at home. There are no price increases, activation fees or equipment rental fees so long as you maintain the service. The monthly price applies to a single outlet and basic modem. If your household requires custom installation, additional outlets or other XFINITY services and service appointments, additional charges apply.

  • Can I set up a wireless network (WiFi) in my home?

Yes. Although Internet Essentials does not include a wireless router, if you already own a wireless router or choose to purchase one it can be connected to the Internet Essentials provided modem.

We hope you will find this information beneficial. If you have any questions or you are interested in applying you can contact Internet Essentials at the contact information listed above.


AT&T is offering low-cost wireline home Internet service to qualifying households:

  • With at least one resident who participates in the U.S. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and
  • With an address in AT&T’s 21-state service area, at which we offer wireline home Internet service, and
  • Without outstanding debt for AT&T fixed Internet service within the last six months or outstanding debt incurred under this program.

Service availability and speed may vary by address. AT&T will assign you the fastest of these speed tiers available* where you live:

    • 10 megabits per second, for $10 per month**
    • 5 megabits per second, for $10 per month
    • 3 megabits per second, for $5 per month
    • 1.5 megabits per second, for $5 per month
    • 768 kilobits per second, for $5 per month